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WELL SHYANG MACHINERY CO., LTD. (WSM) was established since 1975. The Company has committed on religions of “Quality is First”, “Excelsior”, “Customer Satisfaction” and “Innovative R&D”. As a professional manufacturer to produce various type of Kneader Mixer, Extruder and Pellet Making Machine that widely applied in different industries i.e. rubber, silicone, plastics, coating, adhesive and compound material, our sales network spread over the world.

Dispersion Kneader

Well Shyang Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to developing a dispersion kneader that ultimately creates innovative products that exceed customer expectations. We have comprehensive experience in developing and providing high-class dispersion kneader for many industries. With strict quality control, well-equipped facility, customer-oriented service team, we devoted ourselves to satisfy our customers all over the world as possible as we can. Please contact us if you are searching for dispersion kneader, we will reply to you as soon as we can.
SKI (Intermeshing Tilt Mixer)


Intermeshing Tilt Mixer (Intermesh Mixer)

In order to correspond the different mixing compounds, WSM has designed two different types of blades to provide the most suitable blade for customer’s choice.

We are also in the lead of mixing conditions’ setting. Our machines not only can adopt the traditional control of temperature and time, but also adopt the “KW mixing”.
In order to further improve the compound dispersion and temperature control for uses, WSM first developed the “constant temperature mixing” function in 2017. Setting the required time and temperature by users to keep the compounds at your setting temperature in the period time you set. In the “constant temperature mixing” function, the temperature can be controlled within ±5 °C at your setting temperature.

1. Quick cleaning
2. Superior Dispersion
3. Maximum Cooling
4. Single Pass Mixing
5. Shorter Mixing Cycle
Specification :

Kneader Motor 50HP~75HP 125HP~150HP 200HP~250HP 3000HP~350HP
Blending Capacity 10L 20L 35L 50L
Kneader Motor 500HP~600HP 700HP~800HP 900HP~1000HP 1200HP~1300HP
Blending Capacity 80L 110L 140L 200L

Constant Temperature Mixing:

Curve Graph:

Applications :

Features :






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At Well Shyang Machinery Co., Ltd. we truly value the relationship of each and every customer. We respect your privacy and will never provide any of personal information without your permission. Through years of hard work and dedication, we are now the largest dispersion kneader manufacturer in Taiwan. We consider sincerity, efficiency, quality ,and innovation for our business, however, we are also sincerely grateful to have lots of loyalty customers supporting us. We will keep providing outstanding products and services to each valued customers.