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WELL SHYANG MACHINERY CO., LTD. (WSM) was established since 1975. The Company has committed on religions of “Quality is First”, “Excelsior”, “Customer Satisfaction” and “Innovative R&D”. As a professional manufacturer to produce various type of Kneader Mixer, Extruder and Pellet Making Machine that widely applied in different industries i.e. rubber, silicone, plastics, coating, adhesive and compound material, our sales network spread over the world.

Dispersion Mixer, Dispersion Kneader

Well Shyang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a prominent supplier of dispersion mixer and performance products, and is well-known in the Machinery & the Industrial Supplies industry for its extensive assortment, excellent customer service, and quick delivery. Professional knowledge and advanced equipment enable Well Shyang Machinery Co., Ltd. to achieve low cost, efficiency, and quality control, resulting in excellent products and competitive pricing. We also specialize in dispersion kneader in addition to dispersion mixer. We wish to hear from you if you need any service, advice, or extra information regarding our dispersion kneader and dispersion mixers products at any time.
SKM (Heavy-Duty Pressure Kneader)


Heavy-Duty Pressure Kneader (Dispersion Mixer)

Our company has been specializing in Heavy-Duty Pressure Kneader and Rubber Machine for many years.

Rubber and plastic compounding manufactures have been troubled for a long time that either KNEADER or MIXER has advantages and disadvantages.
Our company has developed a new-type kneader, which adopts hydraulic pressure pressurization and the machinery itself re-enforce the structural. SKM-75L has much more KNEADER of output, it also has the advantages KNEADER has, to provide you with better choice when coordinating production line.
Specification :

Kneader Motor 75HP 150HP 200HP 250HP 400HP 600HP 800HP
Blending Capacity 20L 35L 55L 75L 110L 150L 200L

Features :





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Because of our commitment to perfection, Well Shyang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leader in the dispersion mixer business. We achieve this by providing the best products and solutions to our clients through great engineering capabilities. We are Taiwan's No. 1 dispersion kneader manufacturer, offering vision-based sorting solutions for a variety of applications. Well Shyang Machinery Co., Ltd., as a reputable manufacturer and exporter in the industry, will place a greater emphasis on the quality and innovation of the dispersion mixer and dispersion kneader, as well as providing excellent service and a competitive price to clients. If you're interested in our dispersion mixers, please send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.