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WELL SHYANG MACHINERY CO., LTD. (WSM) was established since 1975. The Company has committed on religions of “Quality is First”, “Excelsior”, “Customer Satisfaction” and “Innovative R&D”. As a professional manufacturer to produce various type of Kneader Mixer, Extruder and Pellet Making Machine that widely applied in different industries i.e. rubber, silicone, plastics, coating, adhesive and compound material, our sales network spread over the world.

Rubber Extruder

Well Shyang Machinery Co., Ltd.’s rubber extruder is made to the highest standard of quality and workmanship. As an industry pioneer, rubber extruder is recognized for the role it plays in early product development and commercial product introduction of new technologies. If you need any help at choosing the right rubber extruder to match your requirements, we are happy to create, detailed system specification and quote tailored to your requirements.
OKE (Open Type Kneading Extrusion)


Open Type Kneading Extrusion (Rubber Extruder)

We have developed open type Kneading Extruder with capacity up to 4000L . The machine is equipped with single screw for direct discharging. The blades can be heavy-duty type blade design (Ex. Kneader Blade) or Σ type blade design in order to fulfill the requirement of material blinding. The media used for heating or cooling could be water, steam, electric heating element, heating media oil, etc. It is sub-divided sections for automatic thermostatic control to have effects on stable quality and increase products.
Specification :

MODEL OKE-10L(20L) OKE-50L(100L) OKE-150L(300L) OKE-350L(700L)
Kneader Motor 3HP 30HP 50HP 100HP
Single Screw Motor 2HP 7.5HP 10HP 25HP
Blending Capacity 10L 50L 150L 350L
Full Capacity 20L 100L 300L 700L
MODEL OKE-500L(1000L) OKE-750L(1500L) OKE-1000L(2000L) OKE-2000L(4000L)
Kneader Motor 125HP 150HP 250HP 500HP
Single Screw Motor 30HP 40HP 60HP 100HP
Blending Capacity 500L 750L 1000L 2000L
Full Capacity 1000L 1500L 2000L 4000L

Features :




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Well Shyang Machinery Co., Ltd. strives to research and develop quality, energy-efficient rubber extruder to benefit the consumers. Backed by our excellent infrastructural facilities, we are able to satisfy the requirement for rubber extruders, which are in sync with the requirements of our clients all over the world. For more information about our high-quality standards rubber extruder, please contact us at any time.