Extruder Series
TFR (Twin Taper-Screw Extrusion Sheet Preforming Machines)


Twin Taper-Screw Extrusion Sheet Preforming Machines (Rubber Extruder)

Mixture containing impurity or uneven mixing often occurs during the blinding process of plastic material, thus lead to the subsequent poor production or defective items .
Our TFR series of machines will effectively improve the quality of plastic material and reduce the manpower for operation. Discharge in sheet or strips could choose according to the production line requirement. This improves the production rate and recycling rate as the production rate can adjust according to the speed. In the production of high quality plastic materials or foam products, we have obtained very good result and reputation.
MODEL TFR-65 TFR-100 TFR-150 TFR-200 TFR-250
Feeding Motor 5HP 20HP 25HP 30HP 50HP
Feeder R.P.M 2-20 2-20 2-20 2-20 2-20
Extruder Motor 15HP 50HP 100HP 150HP 200HP
Extruder P.R.M 4-40 4-40 4-40 4-40 4-40
Single Screw Diameter 65 100 150 200 250
Extruding Capacity/hour 100L 300L 600L 1200L 1600L
Machine Dimension (m/m) 2150x1550x1640 2460x2420x1840 3850x3700x1950 3240x3000x2060 3860x3270x2110
Control Panel 1 1 1 1 1