Extruder Series
TE (Parallel Twin Screw Extrusion Sheet Forming Machine)


Parallel Twin Screw Extrusion Sheet Forming Machine

As a leading manufacturer of Rubber Extruder, we provide superior Parallel Twin Screw Extrusion Sheet Forming Machine.

  1. Large width of extrusion sheet. Adjustable width and thickness according to the requirement of production.
  2. Sub-divided sections for automatic thermostatic control to ensure stable quality.
  3. Less operation time and increase production rate.
  4. Capable to work together with shear or cutter. Reduce the labor cost.
  5. special for rubber celotex manufacturing.
MODEL TE-200 TE-270
Extruder Motor 40HP 60HP
Extruding Capacity /hour 500L 1200L
Suitable for any type of Blender 1100L 1800L
R.P.M 4-40 4-40
Cooling Pump 1HP 2HP
Hopper Dimension(m/m) 500x650 600x750
Control Panel 1 1
Machine Dimension(m/m) 3600x18000x1300 3850x2560x1800