Gear Pump Series
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GFR-100 / GFR-130

GFR-100 / GFR-130

Rubber processing is very important for rubber and tire manufacturing.
It pursues the highest product quality, stability, and the highest economic benefits at the same time.
Well Shyang Machinery(WSM) designs an innovative method “Gear Pump G series” for those uneasy-processed materials.

WSM uses the fixed volume delivery principle of gear pump to detect the back pressure accurately so that the materials flow evenly and synchronously.
Techniques of Gear Pump G series:
1. Personalized modular unit
2. Easy to clean quickly
3. High pressure up to 350kg/c㎡
4 .Constant temperature control
5. Low power requirement (Energy Saving 70%)

This technique is suitable for fine-mesh filter and precision extrusion.
It can come out customized solutions by the modular system. You just need to combine different feeding device and extrusion with filter head and gear pump.

GFR Specification
Model GFR-100 GFR-130
Capacity/Hour 400 kg/hr 800 kg/hr