High Viscosity Materials Making Machine series
HMS-600 Vacuum Type Planetary Mixer


Vacuum Type Planetary Mixer

Planetary type revolving and rotation mixer uses gears transmission to drive two impellers rotating in the same directions, producing the interactive kneading, twisting and dispersing effects. Besides the interactive rotations, the both impellers can revolving around the mixing tank and bring the materials inside for complete mixing.
The vacuum mixing environments make the high viscosity materials to disperse & homogenize completely in tank. This mixer is suitable for viscosity 200,000 cps.
Twin shafts rotation speeds: 0~200rpm
Revolving speed: 0~40rpm

The shafts of the vacuum planetary mixer have single-shaft, twin-shaft, triple-shaft, and four-shaft. The number of shafts or customized design can be selected according to customer raw materials requirements.
Triple Shaft Mixer: The middle shaft uses a Teflon scraper which can scrape the side and bottom of tank during mixing, so as to solve the problem of poor fluidity of high-viscosity raw materials. The three shafts are all equipped with inverters which can independently control the shaft speed in step-less speed change.
Four Shaft Mixer: Two slow-speed shafts cross-rotating in the same directions, and it makes the interactive kneading, twisting and dispersing effects. While mixing, two high speed shafts will make two high speed whirlpools and producing high-speed dispersion and emulsification. The fast and slow speed coordination of the four shafts can achieve the effect of fully and uniformly mixing and stirring the raw materials and dispersing and emulsifying them.
Twin shafts rotation in slow speeds:0~200rpm
Twin shafts rotation in high speeds:0~1500rpm

Twin Shafts (Straight Type)
Twin Shafts (Rotation Type)
Three Shafts (Normal Type)
Three Shafts (Special Type)