SKM-5L (Heavy-Duty Pressure Kneader)

Rubber and plastic compounding manufactures have been troubled for a long time that either KNEADER or MIXER has advantages and disadvantages.
Our company has developed a new-type kneader, which adopts hydraulic pressure pressurization and the machinery itself re-enforce the structural. SKM-75L has much more KNEADER of output, it also has the advantages KNEADER has, to provide you with better choice when coordinating production line.

Kneader Motor 20HP
Speed Control Inverter
Tilt Motor 1HP
Blending Barrel SUS316
Surface Treated Polishing
Oil Pressure Motor 2HP
Cooling or Heating System (HP) 2HP
Barrel Capacity 7L
Blending Capacity 5L
Machine Dimension (m/m) 2500×1500×2600
Weight (KG) 2500