SYD-2L (Laboratory Pressure Kneader)

1. Small capacity could eliminate the waste of material.
2. Differential ratio 1.28 gives fast material blending speed.
3. All contacting surfaces are made by SUS316 to stand for acid and alkali.
4. With recorder to monitor the variation of the current and temperature during blending the material.
5. Separated locations of Emergency Stop Switch, and brake motor to provide complete safety protection.
6. Inverter control to find out the optimum unit let experiment more easy.
7. The 24-Hour counter with second as minimum unit let experiment more easy.

Kneader Motor 7.5HP 15HP
Speed Control Inverter Inverter
Tilt Motor 0.5HP 1HP
Blending Barrel SUS316 SUS316
Surface Treated Polishing Polishing
Oil Pressure Motor 1HP 1HP
Cooling or Heating System 0.5HP 1HP
Barrel Capacity 4L 5L
Blending Capacity 2L 3L
Machine Dimension (m/m) 1850×980×2200 2050×1020×2300
Weight (KG) 1500 1800