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Address by WSM Chair
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Address by WSM Chair

WELL SHYANG MACHINERY CO., LTD. (WSM) was established in 1997, continuing the existing technologies of air pressure kneader and extruder. Keep going frthuer, in 2004, WSM was the first in the world to develop the SKI model of a hydraulic kneader with intermesh rotor and gradually establishing WSM as the world's top quality rubber and plastic polymer equipment manufacturer.

With the attitude that quality is dignity and learning from customers feedback, WSM strives to create customized production lines, global fast services, implement product inspections, and to improve overall equipment effectiveness, so as to achieve the belief "WSM machines presenting ultimate mixing".

With continuous efforts and determination to protect the environment, WSM has already proven that our OBM machines have gradually become synonymous with quality. Through customers feedback, WSM continues to thrive. In this rapidly changing world, WSM will continue to improve ourselves to help our customers to realize their ideals in the field of new materials.

Finally, hoping that all circles can continue to provide support and guidance to WSM to have WSM keep contributing to the world and society.

Wang I Chang